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Don’t Let Them Profile Your Identity! How to Delete Internet Browser History

Background Identity asked:
How to I Delete My Internet Browser History?

The first thing is to understand that your identity is being tracked and monitored via your internet history, searches, website visits and more. Companies and brands want to build a profile of you and try to show ads thaqt they think will make you buy. Theives want the same info and more, they want to monitor your activities and try to steal important information. Now you have an idea of why you would want to delete your browsers history. Everytime you browse around the internet, your PC automatically records your searches. It actually tracks your browsers history and even makes the information available to you in a link on your browser’s interface. You’ll see it by the “favorites” menu button. You will need to make an effort to prevent others from also getting this info. Read the rest of this entry

Protect Your Computer From Being used for Identity Theft

Taxpayer Identity Theft asked:
How do you Protect Your Computer From Being used for Identity Theft?

Windows operating systems like vista, Windows 7, and xp are utilized by most computers and have a history of becoming infected by viruses just by conecting to the internet. Hackers use your IP address that is easy to get from your internet service provider. Common firewalls and virus protection softwarea may not be enough. A hacker can still get access to your computer. Read the rest of this entry

Identify Monitors and Theft Protection

Hiring Checks asked:
What is Identify Monitoring and Theft Protection Monitors?

Identity theft protection using monitoring are services designed to help protect individuals from becoming victims of identity theft. The trend of crimes involving the theft of an individual’s identities represent the fastest growing segment of white collar crimes. In the United States, according to the Federal Trade Commission, about ten million people become victims of identity theft in one way or another.

Most cases involve credit card theft.
Thieves gain access to your credit card numbers by physically stealing the cards or finding your actual numbers. Todays advanced technologies make is fairly simple for thieves to gain access to your credit card numbers, they then continue on and make purchases at stores and via the internet. Read the rest of this entry