Taxpayer Identity Theft asked:
How do you Protect Your Computer From Being used for Identity Theft?

Windows operating systems like vista, Windows 7, and xp are utilized by most computers and have a history of becoming infected by viruses just by conecting to the internet. Hackers use your IP address that is easy to get from your internet service provider. Common firewalls and virus protection softwarea may not be enough. A hacker can still get access to your computer.

Try not to use those “FREE” scans to check your pc for spyware or viruses, they have been known to load their own viruses and spyware on your computer. Many of these free services try and sell you their own software to get rid of viruses they just infected your devices with?

If your computer is running slow, it’s probably due to your internet activities, the sites you visit etc. Many sites use cookies to track your activities, they are not really harmful but they can add up and bog down your systems health. It’s a good idea to set your laptop or computer to automatically delete cookies and temp files often.

Virus and spyware removal software can get rid of simple tracking softwares, key-logging programs that keep track of the keys you type and even malware that tracks your credit/debit card and check info. They can even get your pin numbers for any online banking you use.

Bottom line is make sure you know what wireless connection you are using, never share any info and take care when downloading anything online, only use trusted sources no matter how good the deal appears, use common sense. A good free virus removal tool is adaware or sekk and destroy.

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