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What is Identify Monitoring and Theft Protection Monitors?

Identity theft protection using monitoring are services designed to help protect individuals from becoming victims of identity theft. The trend of crimes involving the theft of an individual’s identities represent the fastest growing segment of white collar crimes. In the United States, according to the Federal Trade Commission, about ten million people become victims of identity theft in one way or another.

Most cases involve credit card theft.
Thieves gain access to your credit card numbers by physically stealing the cards or finding your actual numbers. Todays advanced technologies make is fairly simple for thieves to gain access to your credit card numbers, they then continue on and make purchases at stores and via the internet.

A common trick used by criminals occurs when they redirect your mail. Upon successfully stealing the information they need, they begin to use existing credit cards and even open new accounts. They steal the identities of unsuspecting honest individuals. Identity monitoring services offer address change monitoring which can greatly reduce the risk and will alert you when your address is changed.

Identity theft protection services offer many identity monitors to help protect and secure your identity.
Typical services monitor your credit reports and financial info, they send you alerts if your information is considered at risk or is being compromised. Identity monitors take immediate action to help protect your identity.

Your social security number needs to be monitored by a iidentity theft protection service.
Social security number trackers let you see if someone has used your social security number, attempts to make changes or even updates and of you social security information.

Services monitor any change of address which is designed to protect your personal information from being stolen and forwarded to another address from the start. Theft protection monitoring helps protect the information that is used by thieves to assume your identity, and the fraudulent activities they commit using your personal and financial information.

If you decide to select a form of identity theft protection, make sure they offer comprehensive solutions that will assist you in protecting and detecting identity theft. Ask if they will help you restore your identity should you become a victim of identity theft. If you are looking for a identity monitoring service please consider any services listed on our site.

Services and companies we review not only help to monitor and detect identity theft, but also offer access to a professional fraud restoration experts to help you regain control of your identity. A service should always stay with you until your identity has been fully restored.

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