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How to I Delete My Internet Browser History?

The first thing is to understand that your identity is being tracked and monitored via your internet history, searches, website visits and more. Companies and brands want to build a profile of you and try to show ads thaqt they think will make you buy. Theives want the same info and more, they want to monitor your activities and try to steal important information. Now you have an idea of why you would want to delete your browsers history. Everytime you browse around the internet, your PC automatically records your searches. It actually tracks your browsers history and even makes the information available to you in a link on your browser’s interface. You’ll see it by the “favorites” menu button. You will need to make an effort to prevent others from also getting this info.

Here are the steps to delete the browser history on your computer.

Step 1: Click the “Start” button – Its on the bottom corner of your screen and labeled “start”, click it.

Step 2: Locate your “Settings” menu. You will see a menu upon clicking the “start” button. The right side of that menu will have links to the settings menu. Select that option.

Step 3: Select ‘Control Panel.’ After you access the “Settings” menu, you will see another menu appear on your screen. Choose the ‘control panel’ option on this list.

Step 4: Navigate to the choice labeled ‘Internet Options’. Access the control panel, then select the ‘Internet options’ choice. Depending on your settings, it may require a double-click. Click either once or twice and a new screen will pop up.

Step 5: Choose the tab marked ‘General’. After you reach the online menu of options, this is the place where you erase your browser’s history. Search out the general tab and be certain that this is where you are looking. (To bring the “General” tab to the top, simply click on that word.)

Step 6: Locate the box labeled “History”. The settings from which you can edit or erase your browser’s history cache can be found under the general tab. From inside the history dialog box, find the button labeled “clear history” and click it. If you have properly chosen the ‘Clear History’ box, a checkmark or small ‘x’ will appear. Click on the delete button if you are using Windows Vista as an operating system. If you clear the history on your internet browser, you will lose much information like recent search topics, history lists, and other forms completed and saved on the computer. For example, if you do online banking or regularly sign into a site where your client name or number automatically appears every time you go to that site, this information will be deleted. So make sure that you write down any usernames or passwords that you might forget before you delete your browser’s history, you will be required to re-enter any information that was previously saved on a website.

Step 7: Click on the OK button. Once you’re set to erase the past record of your browser, you just need to click the ‘ok’ button on the lower portion of the general tab. This will clear your browser’s history, so that people who use the computer after you won’t be able to follow in your Internet footsteps. You should make this standard practice when using computers other than your own.

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